Hi everyone,

I decided to write a story and as I am thinking about the storyline, I think I might turn it into a legacy of some sorts as I go. I do like to write with more of a plot and intention to what will happen with my Simmies, so I hope you will enjoy the story about Olivia and her circumstances.

You can find a complete list of updates by clicking here or simply view below for recent stuff;


R E C E N T      U P D A T E S

Presence, Part 1
Presence, Part 2

U P C O M I N G     S T U F F

⇨ Writing Presence, Part 4
⇨ Editing Presence, Part 3



2 Responses to “-.-”

  1. Doll I just got caught up on Dear Olivia! It is an engrossing story! I am already hooked on it.

    I hate to mention another writer’s forum to you, but I also belong to another larger one. I know the other members would enjoy your story! There are also a lot of other great authors whose stories I know you would like. Please check it out!

    • I am so happy you like, thank you for your kind comment ^^. I don’t mind at all when people link me to other sites that I might like, so please don’t feel weird about doing it.

      I have been offline for a little while now so I haven’t had the chance to do a whole lot of anything Sim related, but things are less busy now so I’ll have the chance to look into some sites now x)

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